Food Market Hub - For Supplier | Procurement & Management System

The bridge of restaurants and suppliers.

We help restaurants and suppliers to increase efficiency by centralising all backend activities in one app!

Our North Star

To be the leader in driving the food industry towards a digital economy.

Journey to our North Star

To reinvent the food supply chain industry as an efficient and transparent ecosystem.

Design with Passion, Guided by Technology, Created for Power Users

Cater for big brands, Available for SMEs. Without a team of superhumans, you can manage your chats, ordering, receiving and reporting, all within your fingertips.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

The co-founders had ventured into many businesses. Their recent close was an F&B business of 3 outlets. It took a lot of their time and energy but despite their efforts, profit was at its minimum.

That was when they realised that their F&B back of house operations were flawed and so was many others. Then, they thought “If only…”. Not long after, the lightbulb above their heads lit up, and Food Market Hub was created, to help F&B businesses run sustainably and effectively.

The Butterfly Effect

F&B businesses of all sizes are now equipped with advanced technology. Saving time and budget on back-end operations and allocating more resources on customer satisfaction and business expansions. F&B businesses are now more sustainable than ever before!

Faces Behind the Phases

Meet the key team members

He’s the Arc reactor of the company. Basically this man is made of steel! No hardship could ever bring him down. Like a nuclear explosion of goodness, he’s determined to disrupt the F&B industry with his innovations – impactful and widespread.



Born and bred in a family of entrepreneurs. She’s destined to take over the family business but decides to do a backflip on her career to pursue her passion. Together with Anthony, they’re ready to conquer the F&B industry with just a few taps on the screen!



CEO of Impactful Leadership Consulting. Former CEO of ISS Facility Services Australia, Australian Vintage Limited and YUM Restaurants international. He pours his wisdom and paved the way to the milestones we’ve achieved.



Alphabets, symbols, numbers, are his favorite ingredients play around with, creating the ultimate recipe to revolutionise the F&B industry.



He’s so good in leading the team that Alexander the Great would tremble in fear knowing his existence. With him ahead, success is never out of sight!


Head of Regional Expansion

Anusha, the Athena of Food Market Hub, our goddess of war, challenges the status quo and spearheads our strategies till we reach ultimate victory!


Head of Strategy



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