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Food Suppliers Opportunity!

Get RM150 rebate for EACH of your customers when they pay you on Food Market Hub

  • Your merchants can get a rebate up to RM400
  • 0% transaction fees will be charged!


  • Registered as a Food Market Hub Supplier
  • Registered under relevant Malaysian laws (company name registered under SSM)

Let the procurement-spree begin!
Go e-Commerce Onboarding campaign is for a limited time only.

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Terms and Conditions

For Merchants:

  1. Cash rebate of RM100 to each Merchant upon accumulated online transaction of RM2,000 from 23 September 2021.
  2. Merchant is eligible on multi time cash rebate upon accumulated online transactions at RM2,000, RM4,000, RM6,000, RM8,000
  3. Merchants may accumulate online transactions across calendar months
  4. Maximum cash rebate will be capped at RM400 per merchant/entity
  5. Offer is applicable to any merchant who hasn’t transacted on FMH system in the last 3 months
  6. Transaction fee on credit/ debit card, PFX will be waive for above qualified Merchants
  7. Only online transaction accepted

For Vendor:

  1. One time cash rebate of RM150 to Vendor for each qualified merchant upon accumulated RM3,000 online transaction across months, starting on 23 September 2021.

FMH reserves the right to end this promotion when deemed necessary.

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