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Advanced Restaurant Technology Trends & 5 Tools You Need in 2021

Biggest Restaurant Technology Trends & 5 Tools You Need in 2021 for your restaurant!

Operating a restaurant is not for the faint hearted. There are always a thousand things to do at the same time, and it will always feel as though you can take a break from your endless piles of tasks. Being a restaurant owner can be exciting and extremely rewarding if you effectively utilize the right tools. With these tools in hand, you’re gifted with time back to add further value to your business or more time to focus on self care. With effective tools, your operation can run seamlessly, with fewer tasks on your to-do list. Some of the biggest restaurant’s-must-have tools to keep up with competitors are:

Safety Protocols & Contactless Solutions

Particularly in our current environment, as communities reopen more broadly, the need for protocols revolving around reducing the spread of germs are more essential than ever. It’s no longer just an individual’s responsibility to be mindful, but everyone’s responsibility to be cautious collectively. Here are a few tools and systems you can incorporate into your restaurant to help: 

  • MySejahtera check-in apps
  • Forearm and/or foot handles or pulls for doors
  • No-contact Quickpay apps
  • An interactive, intuitive, online menu 
  • Automated remarketing to invite your customers back

Direct Online Ordering Tool:

Ordering online for pick-up and delivery is not only popular right now, it’s the only way many individuals will order food from a restaurant these days. That isn’t to say there won’t be plenty of excited customers ready to dine-in when they’re able, though, so it’s key you have online systems that can support dine-in and dine-out customers. The essentials are an effective online reservation tool as well as contactless tools for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Since these platforms do take a chunk of your profit margin, creating your own app will help you gain back the profit in the long run!  

  • Beepit 
  • GrabFood
  • FoodPanda
  • Hungry app 

Social Media Management Software:

If we are being realistic, there isn’t enough time in the day to give your social media presence the time and attention it needs. That’s exactly why social media management software is so beneficial. You can automate your posts, interactions with others, and create content easily with their ready made templates! Social media is an important task, but it takes your time away from the operations of your restaurant. You deserve that time back! 

  • Canva – to create creative and attractive posts 
  • Envato – for photos and elements 
  • Unfold – classy IG stories
  • InShot – for video editing 
  • -for scheduling posts 
  • FB Business Suite – for scheduling posts on both Facebook & Instagram. 

Website Optimized for Mobile Use:

Even more than simply optimizing your website or app for mobile use, your online platform is a phenomenal way to remarket to your customers. Incorporate in-app or onsite deals to drive more traffic to both your website and your restaurant. 

  • Shopify 
  • Wix 
  • WordPress 
  • Site123

Food Cost & Inventory Management:

As you know all too well, a massive amount of your time is spent managing your food inventory and costs. That is another aspect of your business you can automate! There is software available that enables you to put your inventory and food costs in the back of your mind because you have a system monitoring it in real time. 

  • Food Market Hub – procurement and inventory management system 

Have you heard of Food Market Hub? Well if you haven’t, you’re missing out! But it’s never too late to want to modernize your F&B business.

Food Market Hub is a procurement and inventory management system that centralizes and digitizes your back end operations. Save time in data entry, unravel hidden food costs and eliminate food wastage just by using our app today! 

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Don’t waste the little time you have as a restaurant owner! By leveraging the right tools, you can automate your business and assure your customers you have their safety front of mind – all while giving yourself time back in your day.

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