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Common issue when expanding restaurant and F&B business

International and domestic market restaurant business expansion comes with a host of challenges. We will list out common issue when expanding.

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The restaurant industry discovered the restaurant is shifted to east. Growth in the domestic markets has dried up for many of the multi-billion dollar food service brands that still need to impress customer.

1. Capital: Research, legal, focus of executive management (at the cost of other revenue pipelines and analyst expectations)

2. Political: Taxes, architecture, tariffs,

3. Supply Chain: This is one of the single biggest killers of casual dining success abroad: Sourcing, quality, instability, “gold standards”, etc.

4. Management: Trained unit level staff really hard

5. Real Estate: Casual dining requires more space, parking, and high rental

With Food Market Hub, we allow management able to control the supply chain, manage every cost and purchasing of restaurant branch, integration with POS to have daily P&L chart, able to display accumulated sales & cost chart over target and purchase, COGS live chart, and stock holding value chart. Management dashboard is possible with single click using Food Market Hub.



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