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Food Market Hub Crowned as the champion of Hong Leong Bank’s Pilot Project 2021

Food Market Hub was crowned as the champion of Hong Leong Bank’s Pilot Project on the 4th of February, 2021.

Hong Leong Bank seeks to cultivate a vibrant and competitive startup community, encouraging disruptive, innovative and fresh ideas and/or solutions to be brought to the market.

” This year’s launch pad was a special one” as mentioned by HLB’s CEO, as they were searching for startups who were adopting an agile mindset and thinking ahead of the imminent challenges of a post-pandemic era.

How Food Market Hub is Disruptive and Innovative

How Food Market Hub fit the theme like a correct puzzle piece is because, Food Market Hub is an F&B ecosystem provider that integrates the entire value chain of farm-to-restaurant. It is a disruptive technology to take traditional F&B procurement and order management system to the next level.

What we do is simple. We are a one stop solution that allows restaurant owners to procure from multiple suppliers; and suppliers to track orders easily. We auto-generate purchase orders, via the app, email, WhatsApp or SMS that saves your time, and reduces human error, making a hectic process a hassle-free one!

With predictive analysis and artificial intelligence technology, we are able to unravel hidden food cost, and eliminate wastage of ingredients of every restaurant outlet you own, no matter how big or small.

Basically, we are the only back end platform you need for your F&B business, no matter if you’re a supplier or a restaurant owner. We’ve got you covered!

We cater to Central kitchens too! Because we know that managing multiple outlets is like walking through a maze that has no exit! There’s endless info to be updated and we have to constantly get them from many different departments!

Hence, this is where we come in to add value to your business! We centralize all information so that every outlet can be manages seamlessly, transparently, and efficiently!

If you’re a supplier, we say no to time consuming and mistake-bound paper work. Let technology do the job while you serve clients at max capacity of satisfaction! We also help manage your catalog, by setting up different product listings to each client and control what is visible to them. It’s best if your clients order through the app because it makes it that much easier to make an order!

How Food Market Hub relates to the post-pandemic era

As much as it is important to digitalize your business at the front-end, we should not neglect the root of your business, the back end. A tree without healthy roots is no different from a dead tree, and if your back ends don’t run smoothly, you wont be able to serve your customer at your best form. Embracing technology is great, because our solution allows everyone to expand their business to the maximum capacity, while keeping the manpower at a low.

If you’re not keeping up with the technology, you’ll be missing out on the longevity (of your business). Are you excited yet?

Well, here’s some great news for you if you’re excited about joining us. MDEC is giving out matching grants of 50%, up to RM5,000 when you modernize your F&B business with us! It’s a save save situation if you ask me! For more info visit

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Global brands such as The Chicken Rice Shop, Pu Tien, Salad Atelier, Serai Group, Hometown Hainan Coffee and so much more are already onboard! What are you waiting for?

To know more on our solutions, visit or fill up this form at and we’ll contact you to regarding the grants and the best module to serve you! Hope to hear from you soon.


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