Food Market Hub unites suppliers, restaurants and farmers to support the people in coronavirus fight | Food Market Hub

Food Market Hub unites suppliers, restaurants and farmers to support the people in coronavirus fight

With Malaysia under lockdown and prolonged MCO (Movement Control Order) till April 14th, SME’s have since taken a toll to provide daily services and necessities for the people of Malaysia. Supermarkets stripped bare, panic buying and long queues during checkout, Food Market Hub had come a long way to provide convenient and safe services for people to purchase their daily necessities. Moreover, partnering with client Boat Noodle supporting the local community by donating food for frontline workers in police stations and hospitals.

Amidst the MCO, Food Market Hub has since taken proactive measures to engage restaurant suppliers, restaurants and farmers to assist them in moving towards a digital platform marketplace where they are able to supply and sell their products to consumers. By doing so, it ensures restaurant suppliers to have a new sales channel that is able to reduce their losses as most of the restaurants have opted to close down due to the wellbeing of their staff and social distancing practices.

Initially set up as a Food Market Hub’s B2B Marketplace for restaurants and suppliers to connect has since shifted the path during the pandemic, due to the surge in demand from consumers. With their tech team working tirelessly for 72 hours to convert the platform to cater for consumers and sales team engaging with suppliers to lower MOQ (Minimum order quantity) and pivot focus on to consumers instead of just restaurants. In addition, Food Market Hub has lent a helping hand to farmers where their surplus goods are sold through Food Market Hub’s Marketplace channel, then delivered to customers doorstep within  to maintain quality control of the fresh produce.

Other than that, restaurants were stuck with so much excess food with rock bottom sales and to help restaurants fight in this pandemic battle. Food Market Hub has made a positive impact in helping restaurants sell their freshly packed frozen goods such as Din Tai Fung where customers can still enjoy their variety of juicy dumplings and buns while staying safe at home. Yet another creative solution that came up from their Sales team to help restaurateurs to digitize their frozen product into our Marketplace platform as a new way to connect back to more customers.

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