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Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2021

As you may know, December marks the beginning of Christmas festivities. Anywhere you go, you can already spot red ribbons, wreaths, twinkling lights, and even the Christmas trees decorating shops and restaurants alike.

However, since the pandemic hit, there’s been a significant change in the way we celebrate festivals and holidays all over the world. Not only is it advisable to limit gatherings, some people still can’t travel to meet their families due to the border restrictions. 

Hence, if you are looking for unique and fun ways to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones this year (be it for face-to-face gatherings or online), we have what you need! Simply read the full article below!

Online celebrations

1. Food Deliveries

Order some food deliveries for your loved ones.

Naturally, Christmas is all about giving joy, exchanging gifts and having warm meals with your loved ones. What happens when you aren’t able to meet each other physically? Does this mean you’ll have to forego your family’s holiday traditions this year?

Of course not! If you and your family members happen to be located nearby any of your go-to restaurants, be sure to arrange online food deliveries for each other. It does not have to be from the same restaurant or the same dishes – you can even decide for yourselves to order each other’s favorite holiday meal too. 

One thing for sure, this simple gesture will uplift your loved ones’ mood this Christmas season!

2. Online Game Night 

Continue the tradition of family game night – virtually!

What is Christmas without thrilling family game nights? If you and your family somehow can’t meet up physically this year, why not consider a virtual game session? It can be anything from charades, bingo, Pictionary or even chess. 

You can look up any games on the net, we guarantee that there is always a fun yet creative way for you to do it, be it through free websites, zoom whiteboards, or even desktop apps. All you need to do is schedule an hour or two for this family fun time.

3. Virtual Dinner 

Virtual family dinner.

At its core, any festivities require the age-old family dinner for it to be complete. If you’d like to make it completely online, why not give it a go? However, just eating your respective meals in front of your device can be a bit dull too. 

Hence, be sure to sprinkle in other fun activities such as gift exchanges or even secret Santas! Have your gift delivered as a parcel to your loved one’s house and let them open it after dinner. 

Give out online vouchers for them to do their Christmas or New Year shopping with ease. Whatever it is you can think of to keep the merriness alive, we’d say go for it!

Physical gatherings

1. Family kitchen time

Cooking together.

To make this Christmas all the more heartwarming, why not arrange for a family cook-off or baking session? Forego the tradition of “one-person-cooks-all”, why not spend some bonding time by cooking a Christmas dish together? 

You can even start with something small, maybe just bake the Christmas cookies together, or perhaps divide small cooking tasks among the family members and see how they all come together. 

2. Go on vacation

Go on a family vacation!

Though it may seem unconventional as Christmas is typically spent at home. However, to celebrate the lockdowns being over, consider going for a family retreat to celebrate the holiday. It can be anywhere near, as not all vacations have to be somewhere grand and new. 

For instance, consider going for a family hike, or even just a short trip to a nearby beach. Whatever it is, find a getaway trip that you know all the family members would love to enjoy together.

3. Handmade gifts

Handmade Christmas gifts.

It is commonly known that handmade gifts are the embodiment of thoughtfulness. After all, any gifts made by hand can be something that is very personal, special and customized. They are certainly precious in their own way, and their sentimental value is undeniably bigger too. 

What’s more, handmade gifts are also great for those with large families. This way, every gift’s budget can be minimized without making it look less meaningful. 

There you have it – all the unique yet fun ways you can try to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones this year!

Be it meeting up physically or online, we do hope that your holiday celebration this year would be as festive and merry as you’d like it to be. Go ahead and pick our suggestions from above, we promise you won’t regret it!

For restaurant owners, go head read our latest article for Christmas decoration ideas! To get to know more on Food Market Hub and what is it that we do, be sure to visit our website here.

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