Inventory Management Software for Restaurant Chain & F&B Kiosk & Central Kitchen

Inventory Management Software for Restaurant Chain and F&B Kiosk

Closer Integration with SupplierFood Market Hub integrates with central kitchen and suppliers electronically via email, sms, fax, whatsapp and mobile notification. This highly prevent human error by receiving order confirmations run time.

Easier to use – Food Market Hub design so well that you can create purchase order like you purchase a product on ecommerce website. Everything happen in less than 3 clicks.

Suggested Ordering – Food Market Hub has intelligence to suggest the ingredient to order. This make it a idiot proof software.

Inventory Scheduling –  Inventories can be scheduled and managed from the HQ or by branch manager.

Order Guides – Every product or order can set their guide such as delivery date, limit per order.

Multi Pricing – For the same product and same supplier, different branch may have different pricing due to distance. Food market hub support multi pricing model.

Minimum Order Quantity – HQ or supplier can set minimum order quantity so the system can auto round off to the closer minimum order quantity.

Inventory Reports – Use powerful inventory variance reports at the store and enterprise level to zero-in on large variances, view on-hand inventory values, and gain an in-depth view of your suppliers’ performance fill ratios, quality of service, product quality, and price compliance.

Loss Prevention – Enforce inventory integrity through ‘blind’ inventory counts and secured access to review and approve counts. Create checks-and-balances by setting up specific users to receive alerts on high-variance items.

Wastage Reports – Provide powerful wastage report to let the management able to monitor actual wastage vs planned wastage and control the food cost properly.

Mobile Apps – Utilize integrated mobile solutions to eliminate manual inventory management and improve inventory accuracy.

Shipment Verification -Food Market Hub provide mobile shipment verification module where warehouse staff can scan the barcode on the packaging to verify item on the Delivery Order before up the truck to prevent human error.

Packaging and Barcode System – Food Market Hub come with packaging and barcode system that can allow fully integrate Central Kitchen with ordering system. All foods prepared from central kitchen can get the barcode sticker and pack in the system and capture in the inventory system. All orders from branch will deduct from the inventory and this allow management to know outstanding stock balance for the central kitchen.

Here are few keys indicator

  • Lower Inventory Level = Lower Waste
  • Lower Inventory Level = Lower Spoilage
  • Lower Inventory Level = Lower Food Cost
  • Lower Inventory Level = Higher Food Quality
  • Lower Food Cost = Higher Profits




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