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How to manage restaurant inventory and purchasing from branch

Managing restaurant can be very tedious job especially for restaurant inventory management. To allow restaurant make profit, you need to manage food cost effectively through controlling the purchasing of ingredients from supplier. Lot’s of restaurant don’t have big space to keep the food, so you will only order from supplier when the stock is running low, that’s one of the method to control freshness of the food. This will lead you to re-order from supplier daily or 2 days once.


In current practice, lot’s of restaurant will perform a daily check on stock balance so they aware what to reorder for next day. Staff will write down the balance and quantity to order and snap shot the whole ordering sheet to supplier or purchaser to proceed for ordering. This is the cheaper and easier way to perform but it’s not cost effective as we know staff may not have time to perform stock check daily and they may just plug the figure from the air.


Food market hub is a software designed to manage restaurant inventory and purchasing. It allow user to key in daily stock balance and auto convert to purchase order and sent to supplier through email, mobile notification, sms, whatsapp or efax. So that’s save up a lot of purchaser job. Beside, all these stock balance can be recorded and it allow management to check the daily trend of the stock balance for restaurant.


Food market hub also has ordering mechanism like E-commerce where branch staff just need to select items and quantity need to order and save it. It will auto convert to purchasing order to supplier and supplier can online view and edit the order according to their inventory level.


Restaurant Management can check their history purchase price of purchased items through food market hub as well to understand the food cost trend and readjust their future plan. Food market hub also support the auto convert to purchasing order through the sales items of the day so you just reorder all the ingredients that used by the day without doing daily stock check.

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