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Is Outsourcing your supply chain will help you save more?

Restaurant have to handle daily orders from outlets and central kitchen, recompile it and send it to suppliers. Typically one restaurant group may need to deal with 100-200 suppliers, some even up to 800 suppliers and it’s not easy due to wastage, inventory level, MOQ and payment term will stress the restaurant management out.

Why not outsource to professional supply chain like Food Market Hub where we have a ready system to track every order and item inventory. Restaurant Group just need to deal with single supplier Food Market Hub and we will take care everything. Food market hub even can customize the system to make auto -reorder when inventory level low after sales data received. This will reduce huge daily job and management team can focus on sales & food cost analysis rather than busy with fulfilling daily operation.

In statistic, we can help restaurant to reduce the central kitchen wastage by 5-10% and in ultimate goal, everything restaurant outlet order can received by next day without worry about MOQ and delivery term.

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