Food Market Hub - Restaurant Central Kitchen Inventory Management

Restaurant Central Kitchen Inventory Management

Running central kitchen of restaurant is a nightmare. It’s like running a mini manufacturing with limited resources. Lot’s of local restaurant that has central kitchen setup always can’t control the inventory level of central kitchen well

There are few common issues happened to central kitchen such as

  1. Inter-company transaction: lots of transaction in between same company or different company. Lot’s of billing documents need to handle
  2. Unknown inventory level: When receive order from branch, central kitchen always not confident to know whether they have ready and enough stock for branch
  3. Packaging and Shipment Mess up: Staff always deliver wrong goods to branch without verification.

Food Market Hub has solution to solve all these issues. Food Market Hub support multiple popular accounting system in Malaysia such as SQL Accounting, UBS Accounting, Intuit / Quickbook Accounting, Autocount Accounting, QnE Accounting, Million Accounting and Master Accounting. Now you can just download the order and import to your accounting system in one click.

Food Market Hub also able to handle your central kitchen inventory level. It support recipe module that able to add in, delivery your ready stock and deduct the usage of your raw material. This make all your control so easy. When receive order from branch, Central kitchen can check inventory and approved the order. It will auto plan and deduct the quantity. You always in control of your central kitchen through Food Market Hub

Food Market Hub also support mobile apps module that can support barcode packaging and shipment verification before upload stock to truck. It can verify your delivery order to match it with the ready stock before put in truck to reduce human error of delivery wrong goods to branch. It also support FIFO, batch and expiry control of your products.



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