Food Market Hub - How to control purchasing from restaurant branch

How to manage inventory purchasing for restaurant chain

How to control purchasing for restaurant chain

Raw Material Food purchasing for new restaurant is very complicated.

Purchasing & Receiving of food items like groceries, Bread & bakery, dairies, seafood, fresh vegetables and burgers require a complete system.

Procuring fresh and quality products, their proper receiving, storage, issuing, consumption and than re-ordering requires well established procedure and close monitoring. It is crucial to accurately define market prices.

The best tactics to accomplish this objective is to negotiate a long term contract (annual if possible) at a fixed cost with downside protection where you can get it. This allows the restaurant to control the cost. 

The amount to purchase are based on a forecast of sales, which admittedly is a guess mated without a sales history. This is helpful if you have a system like Food Market Hub to help you do the forecast of usage of the raw material and reduce food wastage.

Food Market Hub – Solution to manage your restaurants like a big restaurant chain (KFC, McDonald) that able to control your inventory control, stock balance, stock usage forecast, sales forecast, COGS, food cost, food wastage, procurement, PO ( purchase order ) and supplier control. Now you can order from your supplier online and easy with one click.

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