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Staying Relevant during MCO for F&B Business

The recent MCO forbids dining in restaurants. Some of you are struggling and we understand how you feel and want to help you turn tables! Number one way to do so is to:

Utilize Social Media

Start social media accounts and constantly post updates on menu and delivery services.

Moreover, you’re a food restaurant, we all love watching food pictures and videos, so make sure your feed is filled with sexy food pictures and mouth-watering food videos to make your viewers crave your food, especially in the middle of the night! Make content and messages interesting and share-worthy by keeping up with the latest memes, and trends.

Make it big, to add the extra “oomph” in terms of visuals by adding that extra cheese, close up of the shiny food, and the slurping sound of the bowl of noodles.
Tip: sounds and sights of food can be very stimulating to the audience!

It’s also cost-effective to keep your restaurant name known to the community!

Digitalize your business to save more and waste less!

Sales for restaurants are slowing down due to the extension of MCO. Many raw ingredients from restaurants are going to waste. Digitizing your F&B business using AI Technology, will reduce wastage, and avoid overordering from your suppliers, using past data.

Do you notice the hassle you have to go through when buying your supplies from multiple suppliers, manually typing your purchase orders (PO), and recounting your inventory level? Food Market Hub now allows you to order, auto-generate your PO and track your purchases at a single platform, through mobile or desktop, at any point in time. even if you’re going to order from 10 different suppliers.
Try our Lite module for free today! It includes:

  • Auto-generated PO to WhatsApp/email
  • Real-time tracking of delivery orders
  • Supplier management
  • Catalogue management
  • Fast Pay (credit card payment to any suppliers)
  • Multilingual support
  • 7 days support

This helps you save time and manpower on back-end jobs, so you can focus more on other aspects of the business like taking a good “insta-worthy” picture/video to gain more traffic to your restaurant’s social media page.

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Use third-party platforms

Register yourself in food delivery platforms to provide convenience for customers to make orders. People who used to refuse to buy online don’t really have much choice nowadays due to the Movement Control Order (MCO). And cooking 3 meals a day while working can be very mentally and physically exhausting for everyone.

So they may resort to ordering from Food delivery platforms such as Food Panda, GrabFood, Hungry or Beepit. And if your restaurant is listed in these platforms, there’s a higher chance you’ll get to close a few more extra orders.

Start your own delivery service

Provide free delivery for close proximity or change a small fee when you deliver their food at their doorstep. This provides convenience to them and competitive advantage for you! and plus, you’ll get to enjoy 100% of the profit for yourself.

Give them your phone number.

Provide them your contact so they can order from you through the phone, at the comfort of their home and self collect when it’s ready.
When they contact you, you too will have their contact. Broadcast WhatsApp messages to your customers on what’s new, what’s good, and what they’re missing out.

Keep your brand at the back of their minds, if they don’t buy from you now, they’ll probably do it tomorrow.

Provide Discounts, Promotions and Promo Codes

Malaysians always want a good deal when they make purchases. Hence, giving them a good deal through promocodes or discounts will definitely motivate them to order now. Make them believe that it’s worth it to takeaway than to spend all their precious time and energy prepping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning! Not to mention reorganizing the dishes once they’re done with it!

Here are some examples to follow:†

  1. On FoodPanda app, restaurants encourage users to make the order within 15 minutes to get a discount off their purchases.
  2. Food delivery apps always like to encourage customers to order more and spend less by giving a discount, with a minimum spending requirement. Restaurants are encouraged to join campaigns as such!
  3. Have your own in-house discounts. Because its definitely more
  4. Create your own in-house loyalty program to keep your customers coming back.

On top of all that, provide good service.

We all want to support local businesses especially when they have provided us with superior service. By that, we mean making the customers feel appreciated, and satisfied at the end of the day.

Take their feedback and give assurance to them. It’s all about establishing that relationship with your customers, like how you do it with your other half. 😉

If you’re an F&B business, modernize your business with Food Market Hub today!

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We ensure smooth communication with your suppliers in one platform, effortless process of ordering your every day supplies for your restaurant.

And if you’re a supplier, you can do the same. Track your orders easily, reduce human errors when picking out the correct stocks for your customers.

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