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The Narra: For The Love Of Filipino Food & Business After Utilizing Food Market Hub’s System

We talked to Sam, the co-founder of The Narra, Filipino Resto Lounge​ about the Narra and his experience with Food Market Hub’s system and how the system has helped with the Narra’s food procurement and sourcing experiences.

The Narra Filipino Resto Lounge at PJ Dataran Millennium

Lechon Kawali, Sinigang Na Bangus, Dinuguan.

A few of many signature dishes at The Narra Filipino Resto Lounge, a restaurant which takes pride in serving 100% authentic Filipino cuisine.

Founded by two friends who have stayed true to the restaurants tagline-”Satisfying Filipino Cravings in Malaysia” since the establishment in 2015, The Narra has remained as one of the most popular Filipino restaurants as they have never compromised into changing the authenticity and recipe of the dishes, as they vowed to cater to the large Filipino community in Malaysia and give them a taste of home.

Talking to Sam, one of the co-founders, one can easily see his passion towards Filipino cuisine as he tells his story about how he was first introduced to Filipino cuisine by Cressida, also a co-founder, and being amazed by the wide range of flavors of aroma.

Sam also talked about how proud he is of the variety of dishes available at the Narra, especially the pork dishes like Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata, which the Filipinos are the most proud of, the milkfish called Bangus, which is the Philippines’ national fish and the special Filipino bakery products such as, Leche Flan and Puto Cheese.

The Narra & Food Market Hub

The Narra recently signed up for Food Market’s Hub (FMH) system to better improve their food procurement process and inventory management. Speaking about his experience before using FMH’s system, Sam remembered how he had to place orders for ingredients and supplies via Whatsapp and make follow-up calls to the suppliers to make sure they received the orders.

With FMH’s system, this process is digitized, so when Sam places an order, the supplier receives it via Whatsapp and email and the purchase order (PO) is automatically generated by the system, saving a lot of time and minimizing any human errors. The system is so easy to use that Sam trusts his employees with the restaurant’s current procurement process.

Besides that, with the digitizing of the back-end data, Sam loves how he can optimize the food cost and better manage his cash flows. Food Market Hub also integrates with the Point of Sales (POS) and accounting software so that less time is wasted on manual data entry jobs.

During the country’s Movement Control Order (MCO), Sam encountered a predicament when a majority of his suppliers were not operating and he did not have access to ingredients. Fortunately, FMH’s system helped with their sourcing process, ensuring that the restaurant had ingredients for operations amid the crisis.

The next time you are searching for what to eat and you have never tried Filipino cuisine before, be adventurous and head out to the Narra, Filipino Resto Lounge!

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