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The Surprising Top Food Products Ordered by Our Merchants In the Month of August

At Food Market Hub, we receive thousands of purchase orders daily via our Food Marker Hub system and here, we have compiled the top items sold by our suppliers.

Top-Selling Vegetable – Cucumber

Does it come as a surprise that our clients have ordered a whopping 20 tons of cucumber in the month of August? Bite into a cucumber and taste it’s refreshing watery crispness, which comes with a fresh, light scent. Extremely under-appreciated and undervalued, cucumbers are a very healthy vegetable as it contains only fibre, a very small amount of fat and a 95% high water percentage. Not only that, it also contains lots of B vitamins, antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin E and rich in various minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium.

In Malaysia, it is a crucial element in many of the local dishes. Imagine having a plate of nasi lemak or chicken rice without slices of cucumber in it? Cucumbers are common additions in Malay and Chinese dishes as it has a cooling effect and helps to clean the palate after a meal as some dishes tend be oily and leave an aftertaste due to the heavier tasting ingredients used like sambal belacan and spices.

Top-Selling Fruit – Lemon

Lemon is one of the most versatile citrus fruit packed with high nutrients, benefits and usages and it tops our best-selling list for the month of August. A great source of vitamin C, fiber and minerals, lemons are great for weight loss, improve heart and digestive health. Lemon is commonly used in restaurants to make drinks such as lemonade, ice lemon tea, and cocktails, or in dishes such as pastas, tartare sauce, lemon meringue pie and so much more.

Top-Selling Seafood – Siakap

Siakap, also known as barramundi or Asian sea bass, is a white-fleshed fish considered to be a high-quality alternative to species such as Snappers and Groupers. One of the top producers of this fish is Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, due to the increasing efforts of aquaculture. It is commonly used in most restaurants as the fish is mild flavoured and versatile as it can be fried, grilled, steamed, baked, and barbecued, that is why it tops our list of best-selling seafood.

Top-Selling Meat Product – Chicken (Whole Leg)

Chicken is the most popular poultry as there are endless ways of preparing it as each part of the chicken and it is easily available in any market or grocery store. Chicken leg also called the dark meat, consists of the chicken thigh and drumstick, and the meat is said to be more tender, more flavourful, and juicier. This type of meat is also known for it’s high protein and low-fat content.

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