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Top 5 Places to Visit for Christmas Dinner 2021

For our festive readers, you may wonder which restaurants and cafes to visit for a nice, hearty meal this Christmas. After all, with many dining places sprouting along every street in Klang Valley, the options are endless and therefore can be overwhelming. 

Food Market Hub is here to guide you in your quest to plan the perfect Christmas dinner with your loved ones. Check out these 5 places below for a guaranteed five star dining experience.

Pssssstttt, it’s also worth mentioning that they are all among our well-known merchants. Be sure to give their Christmas menu a try!

1. Jibby by the Park 

With a lush, tropical ambiance dazzled with high ceilings and vintage glass panels, this restaurant will serve you a Christmas feast like no other. 

Jibby by the Park provides not only a well thought out spread for this month’s festivities, the restaurant is also a treat to the eyes due to its aesthetic interior. Understandably, this dining spot is also famous for its many instagrammable spots. 

Sourced from @jibbygroup

Among the Christmas dishes that Jibby by the Park offers this year are; whole roasted turkeys, roasted Greek style lamb leg, and aubergine lasagne. As for their Christmas desserts, be sure to taste their pavlova, meringue Yule cake or carrot cakes too this festive season!

2. MyKori

This Japanese dessert house is a must to visit for a delicious yet refreshing dessert this Christmas. MyKori’s menu offering is undeniably diverse, from shaved ice desserts (ie. Kakigori) that are topped with fresh fruits, waffles and ice creams too. 

Sourced from @mykoridessertcafe

As Malaysians we are already well acquainted with the heat that the country faces all year round, why not give yourself a change of taste with MyKori’s cool yet cute desserts? No matter what combinations of ice flavour, grains and sliced fruits you chose, we guarantee that MyKori’s desserts would be perfect for you and your loved ones to share together on this joyous occasion. 

3. Huckleberry

Famous for its rustic cakes and intricate pastries, Huckleberry is  truly a must-visit for your Christmas dinner this year. Not only does it serve a variety of baked goods, Huckleberry menus also include nourishing meals fit for a complete Christmas feast. 

For their Christmas specials this year, Huckleberry is offering up to five new dishes. From Christmas burgers, to turkey schnitzels and turkey cranberry toasts – this cafe simply has it all. Check out their website for more information. 

Sourced from @myhuckleberrykl

4. Bread History

This bakery’s artisanal breads and cakes are truly a treat to the eye. Not only do they pose such marvelous designs, Bread History is also perfect for your Christmas dinner shopping. After all, what festive celebration is complete without a cake?

Just take a look at Bread History’s Christmas edition log cakes below! Marvel at their delectable yet captivating details and be sure to share these log cakes with your loved ones. What’s more, they also have a selection of Christmas mousses, cupcakes and snow nougats. 

Sourced from

5. The Loaf

The Loaf, with its minimalist interior and sleek design, is a  perfect spot for an intimate Christmas dinner. Their selection of meals and pastries are undeniably scrumptious, served with an aesthetically pleasing plating style. 

For this festive season, The Loaf has come up with their very own series of cookie boxes! These chewy snacks will surely give you a hearty finish after you’re done with the main dishes. 

Sourced from

There you have it – all the must-visit spots for your Christmas dinner this year!

All in all, whichever dining spot you ended up choosing, Food Market Hub hopes you and your family will have a heart-warming Christmas feast. 

If you’d like to get to know us a little better, give our website a visit! For a sneak peek, you can head over here for a quick read on our introduction.

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