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Procurement and Inventory Management for Restaurants
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Food Market Hub allows restaurant owners to track procurement and inventory data, manage and calculate food cost, and increase the restaurant’s profits.

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As a restaurant owner, are these the challenges you face in your day-to-day operations?


Spending hours to communicate with different suppliers?

Our system can automate your purchasing processes, reduce communication costs and errors, and make your F&B business flourish.


No control and visibility of ever-fluctuating food cost?

Our system can effectively track your inventory and formulate purchasing standards. Thereby controlling costs and increasing profits!


Still using Excel to track purchase records and reports? 

Procurement data, inventory usage, profit cost data, sales production and profit analysis of the central kitchen can all be seen immediately using our system!

F&B is a good industry to be in, but why sell more and make less? 

The first step to reducing food cost is purchasing! Let Food Market Hub help you save 8-12% of purchasing costs!

Order and message suppliers

Autogenerate purchase orders when placing an order & chat with suppliers within the app

Inventory Management

Track your inventory movements, par level, and always have enough inventory to meet production demand.

Capture Your Business’ Data on One Platform

Track all your operations data (purchase orders, sales order, inventory levels, and profitability)all in one platform. Say goodbye to multiple excel sheets.

Reporting and COGS

Gain full visibility on monetary activities in reporting and instantly view COGS and track purchase history

Always Have Enough Stock In Hand

Analyse your stock movements, and identify usage behaviours. Be notified to reorder when stock level drops below part level.

3rd Party Integration

Sync all data to your POS systems and Accounting system to avoid double work

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